Secrets Of Consciousness Can Be Found In Ancient Egypt

by Jane Doherty



Who are you? Why are you here? The way you look, feel, think and act is solely you. Whether you can describe yourself in detail or not depends on how conscious you are.
Imagine standing at the edge of a lake gazing into the still waters. What do you see? You will see an image of yourself and the shadows of your surroundings reflected in the water. How much detail can you describe about what you see?
Most people will describe their reflection in terms of physical characteristics such as gender, hair and eye color. However, there is much more behind consciousness than recognizing your physical being and acknowledging your existence.
Think of the possibilities you would find if you could look into the depths beneath the lake's water. You would probably find small fish swimming orfeeding on the bottom of the lake, various kinds of plants growing, small and large stones lining the bottom and more. The secret life of your consciousness is like that lake.
As you delve beyond the surface of who you are, you discover there is much more then what you see in a reflection. Your secret true self and the answers to why you are here lies beneath your consciousness.
Ancient cultures had an advantage over modern societies. They knew the secrets of their true selves. The ancients didn't have to wait for something to trigger off the awakening process. They came into life aware and focused on spirituality on a daily basis. In contrast, most of humanity today knows very little about their conscious life.

What Is Consciousness?
Consciousness is a special quality of the mind that permits you to know you exist. You perceive your world through your 5 senses and determine what you like or don't like. It is the me factor of existence.
Do all people have the same experience of consciousness? Some people are more conscious than others. The degree is based on experience and how much you can concentrate and focus on a particular thing. Your thoughts, memories, feelings, sensations and environment shift and change. One moment you can be reading a book and the next moment your thoughts are focused on a childhood memory. Your ability to focus enhances consciousness.
Why bother to become aware? It can lead to inner peace, better decisions, greater faith, more confidence and spiritual wisdom. Limited awareness limits wisdom and your ability to accomplish your goals.

Your Soul Is 100% Spiritual
You are born with the spiritual essence within you. It is untapped until you begin to wonder, "Who am I?" or "What is the purpose of life?" When you realize there is more to your existence than the cultural and childhood boundaries imposed upon you, the spiritual process starts to unfold. This new awareness inspires you to look beyond those boundaries. Once you do, sudden wisdom, deep emotion and a new awareness of the world around you further develops your spirituality.
Have you ever experienced someone who lamented about a mistake they made in life as a result of a decision? Perhaps, you have heard the comment, "I wish I knew then what I know now. If I did, I would have made a different decision." Becoming consciously awake and following a spiritual path will help you avoid making those same comments years from now.
One of the myths about spirituality is that you have to do something that is drastically different than what and who you are at the moment. Instead, the key is simply self-discovery. Try the following exercises to jumpstart your conscious awareness.
Look at the blue sky and the bright sun and notice how you feel. Then at night look into the dark night sky and observe all those twinkling stars. You are a part of this vast universe. What do you feel is your relationship to it? Do you feel overwhelmed by the vastness or empowered by it?
Another exercise to try is to go on an imaginary journey. Get quiet, relax and close your eyes. Imagine you have the ability to experience your pure soul, which is the inner sanctum within you. Take notice of your feelings in this free space. Outward appearances have no importance. You don't need to be good looking or slim to feel good. Those extra pounds mean nothing in this inner space. No parental advice or societal expectation can affect your personal space. When you enter this inner space and leave behind physical attributes, you experience your soul - pure and divine. This is your true self and what you are trying to experience everyday as part of a higher perception of life.
The ancient Egyptians recognized the importance of this higher perception. Meditation and contemplation centers you into the deeper levels of the mind where you can gain access to a higher perception. Just like the ancients this is still the best way to develop spirituality.

Should You Follow The Spiritual Path of the Ancient Egyptians?
The answer is yes for several reasons. Ancient Egypt is considered a sacred power spot on the earth. These power spots possess unseen influences that give people who visit there access to spiritual energy. Certain rhythms of energy have the mysterious ability to awaken and catalyze compassion, wisdom and higher perception.
What made ancient Egyptians so focused on higher consciousness? Why is modern man not focused on the same, yet we consider ourselves advanced because we are modern? The answer is the secret knowledge the ancients possessed that is veiled from modern man. These secrets motivated the ancients to fervently climb a spiritual ladder towards the gods.
Walking the path of the ancients in Egypt accelerates your own awakening and is the best way to achieve spirituality and higher consciousness.

Where Is This Secret Knowledge?
The likely place for the secret knowledge is under the paw of the Sphinx. According to the trance readings of mystic, Edgar Cayce, he predicted the Hall of Records and history of the lost continent of Atlantis is buried in the Sphinx and would be discovered in the late 1990's.
Some scientists have used ground penetrating radar and it has shown there are cavities underneath the Sphinx. There have also been secret explorations and other discoveries indicating that same information.
Can you imagine what it would feel like to stand near the Sphinx and experience true ancient knowledge? This is a quest guidance seems to be directing me to do in September 2013.

Dreams About This Knowledge
A series of dreams about Egypt and a spiritual messenger who physically contacted me seem to be leading me now on a quest to Egypt. She taught me how to recognize guidance. The series of events that have happened as she once predicted seems to indicate I am being guided to Egypt.
A dream in the late 1980's, not too long after I had acquired a small crystal skull artifact, put me inside the Sphinx. During the dream, a voice directed me to a symbol inside the Sphinx and I was given further instructions on what I was supposed to do. According to the voice in my dream, this symbol is a key to begin a process inside the Sphinx towards the hidden information. I didn't believe the information at the time. However, I did draw the symbol and wrote down the instructions.
In 1991 an unusual spiritual messenger contacted me under strange circumstances. For five years she guided and prepared me until she determined I understood and accepted what a higher power wanted me to do. This direction would come at some time in the future when the correct conditions had been met. She told me one of the things I would have to do is go to Egypt and look for a symbol inside the Sphinx. However, I could only do that when I was directed it was the right time. Again, information about a symbol inside the Sphinx had been given to me.
In 1999 I had the opportunity to look inside a very large crystal skull and was asked for my opinion of an image inside the crystal. I discovered it was the exact same symbol I had seen in my dream 10 or more years ago.
In 2010 I met a well-known Egyptologist while speaking at a crystal skull event sponsored by Oracle Stone Productions. That chance meeting immediately brought to mind the dreams, visions and words of the messenger. I knew the time for what she had told me was nearing.

In late 2011 I had another dream of the Sphinx and Egypt. This time I was leading a group of people in Egypt. Two months later, a tour organizer contacted me to lead a spiritual tour group to Egypt in September 2013. The best way to develop spirituality is to follow the ancient path of knowledge and be near the Sphinx for a direct experience. That is what I will be doing with the participants who are part of the tour group with me in Egypt.
There is no doubt in me that I am being guided to go to Egypt at this the time. What can happen? No doubt that certain people will be guided to go with me to be a part of this tour experience.
We will walk in the footsteps of the ancients at the various temples, reunite with parts of ourselves, heal, expand consciousness, and absorb the power and strength of the gods and goddesses for spiritual attainment.
Once inside the Sphinx I will look for the symbol and carry out the instructions first told to me twenty-five years ago. Then we will summon the spirits of the gods and goddesses in the Great pyramid for a direct experience and message. When done, we will leave Egypt forever changed and with a secret or two more about life following in the footsteps of the ancient's path to spiritual knowledge. The Egypt Tour will take place on 15-28 September 2013. For tour info:

Jane Doherty, named "One of the Top Twenty Psychics" by Dr. Hans Holzer, is an author of "Awakening the Mystic Gift", starred in the international TV show, "Dead Tenants", and featured on Coast to Coast Radio, numerous radio, TV shows and magazines. Jane will lead spiritual workshops for inner awareness during a 14-day tour visiting Egypt's ancient sites on 15-28 September 2013. Discover your own gifts and true essence on this empowering tour to Egypt. Deep inner knowledge can awaken us or we can transcend our consciousness, as we vibrate to the sounds and frequencies of the ancient stones - in this once-in-a-lifetime journey across time, space, emotion and inner-being.
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