Mind Psychology

by Joseph Costa, Ph.D.

To understand Mind Psychology, one must understand the material path psychology has trodden since the field of psychology began. We can trace back through the stages and labels to before any formal psychology was recorded. What we notice are the changes of understanding of how man thinks, which has evolved from shamanistic modes of thoughts about thinking. Today we are shaving the brain in slices, trying to pin down how thinking works. We have histories of proof that the brain does 2 + 2 = 4 without question, just as we have behavioral proof that 2 + 2 can be interpreted in many ways using metaphors.
So do we go to the brain for metaphors? Not if we understand that the brain in the head is not the storehouse of metaphors. One must go to the “Mind” of the being to work with the understanding of the Universal Metaphors. One must understand the two thinking systems of the human being to grasp the whole world of thinking of the human animal and its being self.
In “Primal Legacy, Thinking for the 21st Century,” I explain in some detail the being aspect of the human animal and describe the other brain of the human being, the Mind, or Body Brain, which is a non-matter mechanism in the animal body which serves as the psyche brain (Body Brain) of the person.
The book was written to introduce and prepare all people for understanding the 21st century changes that were coming. As of the year 2000, the human body has been forced to adjust psychically first, physically second (to the Earth changes from third dimensional vibrations to fourth dimensional vibrations––Earth changes predicted to coincide with calendar readings of 2012). These predicted changes of Earth and all upon it are affecting all humans mentally. The Mind thinking mechanisms of the human being are coming fully into play, which give cause to disturbed thinking experienced by all individuals.
All thinking is happening on the basis of laws of attraction. Thoughts being attracted fall into the scientific existing paradigm idea of progression and regression. When we recall thoughts through regression, we think in terms of past thoughts being recalled, hence the use of past-life recall. We can use past-life recall in this lifetime readily, as proof of the life that is readily tied to this life’s data, all experienced through the existing five senses.
We seem to be required to involve different mental capability to recall past lives than that which we use for present life. Not having an understanding of our altered states’ thinking abilities causes us to question and doubt past lives. Had our existing scientific paradigm been designed to work for recall of past lives, we would not question their existence. Why is it that our paradigm for existing scientifically does not provide for past lives? Simply because it does not provide for altered states thinking.
The human animal skull brain functions on beliefs and is conditioned from birth, or “Tabula Rasa,” to operate as the existing accepted scientific paradigm. It is obvious that humans use altered states of thinking. It is also obvious that those who do function using altered states are held as behaving abnormally to the official paradigm. This causes altered state users to be labeled as abnormal, and they are left to “suffering” delusions.
The animal brain becomes paranoid if it is conditioned to fear abnormalities. It becomes so because it has no paradigm to function with that which explains what abnormal is. Presently, we use drugs to prevent the brain from dabbling in recall abilities beyond the present paradigm. Authorities of science see drugged brains as the solution to altered state ideas. There is no question that altered states thinking can create mental instability. It does that because of the paradigm limitations. However, human consciousness has long surpassed the limitations of the presently accepted paradigm or thinking. Other methods of proof of reality must be brought forward to fit with the new non-matter thinking and world we are crossing into now.
There is no cause for fear or anxiety as we move into the fourth dimension except for a knowing of changes taking place. This means the human body is re-orienting physically and mentally to a new way of going—a New World (4-D), so to speak.
As the earth slowly cycles to full fourth dimensional status, unlike most Earth creatures who evolve naturally, humans need understanding and guidance to make the full changes needed for body, brain and Mind adjusting. And so the time of Mind has come upon the human race. Once again, mankind is faced with evolutionary changes it cannot escape. Rather than suffer the fears the human race has karmically heaped upon itself, Universal forces are now freeing the soul of its karmic past.
Between now and 2014, all human beings need physical change in body and in thinking to a level of “Oneness” that results in an Earth life of harmony free of self-destruction. This cleansing and Oneness is there for all who “ask for it.” The asking must be of the heart of each human who would choose to ask and be of Oneness, a balanced state of karma.

Joseph Costa, Ph.D. is the CEO of the World Healer Institute and the author of Primal Legacy: Thinking for the 21st Century. Join Dr. Costa at the Fifth Annual World Healer Conference: A Convergence of Educators of the Inner and Outer Worlds, June 12-17, 2011, at the Hilton in Mission Valley, San Diego, CA. For more information, please visit or call 858.467.6974.