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Holistic Products

Nicobella Vegan Organic Dark Chocolate Truffles

nicobellaWho knew that velvety, dark chocolate truffles could be both blissful and beneficial? Nicobella Organics brings to the world rich, mouthwatering dark chocolate truffles that are prepared purely out of vegan and organic ingredients. Founder Nichole Dandrea fused her love for sensuous dark chocolate with her desire to live a health conscious life when she began experimenting with the concept of guilt-free chocolate that is both delicious and highly nutritious. The result: a line of six divinely decadent bite-sized truffles, including scrumptious renditions such as Sunflower Banana Butter, Blueberry Almond and Walnut Flaxseed Crunch. The lush, silky ganache inside each chocolatey morsel is naturally sweetened with agave nectar or brown rice syrup, and dairy is replaced with wholesome oat milk rather than soy.
But Nicobella doesn’t stop there! The addition of powerful antioxidants, including green tea, blueberry and pumpkin, makes each truffle a nutrient-packed healing snack. Teaming up with Theo Chocolate in Seattle, WA, Nicobella is a fair-trade, sustainable company that wraps its beautiful truffles in Forest Stewardship Council Certified packaging. With each delectable bite of the creamy truffle, you can be assured that no animal products were used and a portion of the profits are donated to the Humane Society of the United States and Noah’s Ark of Locust Grove, GA ( Organic, vegan, and healthy, Nicobella promises every chocolate lover that you don’t have to give up taste for nutrition.

Check out Nicobella Vegan Organic Dark Chocolate Truffles online at – AR

Vermont Soap Organics Insect Armor

vermont soapThe warm weather offers the perfect time to experience the beauty of nature with outdoor activities. The flowers are blooming, the birds are chirping—and the insects are buzzing in search of a meal. That’s why Vermont Soap Organics has created Insect Armor to allow you to fully enjoy your outdoor experience. This all natural and organic insect repellent is an “herbal suit of armor” which contains essential oils including Lemon Eucalyptus, liquid castile soap made with organic oils, and rosemary extract as a preservative.
Instead of using DEET (N, N-diethyl-m-toluamide) and other petroleum derived chemicals, pesticides or neurotoxins, Insect Armor contains non-toxic essential oils and botanicals that have proven bug repellent properties.
This non-greasy product creates a natural barrier between the skin and flying insects or ticks. Just spray around the lower body and above the head, as well as on clothing (be sure to test first, as stains may occur). This is a great product to use for fishing, camping or hiking and it is safe to use on children and pets.
The summer is a time to enjoy the outdoors, not to be bothered by persistent insects. Insect Armor is here to help you make the most of the season. Vermont Soap Organics offers the ideal way to win the battle of the bugs without causing any harm to your health or the environment.

Vermont Soap Organics Insect Armor is available in a four-ounce spray bottle for $6.76 at or call 866.SOAP.4U2. – CA