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Holistic Health

The Optimum Health Institute

The Optimum Health Institute

by Koray Ozturk

In the ancient Indian Vedic Literature, there is a simple but powerful saying: “avert the danger which has not yet come.” Recently my wife and I went through our own averting process at the Optimum Health Institute (OHI) in San Diego. The OHI program consists of three week-long sessions teaching ancient spiritual disciplines that promote healing. Participants learn to purify and detoxify the body with diet, fasting, cleansing and exercise, how to quiet the mind with journaling and meditation, and how to strengthen the spirit with study, prayer and celebration. In a safe and sacred environment promoting faith, love and hope, people experience God’s presence in the healing of themselves and others.

At OHI, they believe that purification and healing start with the body first, then the mind, and then the soul. They have intelligently and diligently designed a structured routine that visitors follow. Free from outside distractions, the OHI visitor is surrounded by people with the same intentions as theirs in a beautiful campus with an organic garden. Increased levels of inner peace and clarity come with this routine and these surroundings. All of this is provided at an affordable price.

The routine is simple. First the body is purified with a raw, organic, vegetarian diet in preparation for a juice fast, colon cleansing, lymphatic exercises and the consumption of wheat grass juice. The mind is also detoxified and quieted through classes that teach how to reach the alpha level and release negative emotions. While I was there, I witnessed powerful awakenings in people. Individuals accessed their inner resources in order to take a stand for what was most important in their lives.

One of the main components of the OHI program is wheat grass juice. Wheat grass is considered to be the most alkalizing plant on earth. Animals know this by instinct. Usually when animals get sick, they eat grass to detoxify their bodies. At OHI, participants have unlimited twenty four-hour access to the wheat grass juicing room and can drink as much as they want. Staff members plant organic wheat grass on the campus and visitors learn how to juice themselves. I must say it does not taste very pleasant but the benefits are priceless. My wife had a very tiny growth on her skin that the doctor said was cancerous. She was informed that she needed a small operation to get rid of it. Someone recommended that she put wheat grass pulps on it which she did consistantly. After a week, the growth was totally gone and it never came back.

The second main component of the program is colon cleansing. You will need to apply enemas to yourself during your stay at OHI. You can also choose to get a colonic like I did. My experience with my colonic therapist was the highlight of my experience at OHI—and most inspiring. The therapist was one of the most peaceful and enlightened human beings I have ever met; she was vibrantly healthy and profoundly content. She told me that she has been able to maintain a healthy lifestyle and mental well-being with a raw food diet, regular intake of wheat grass juice, and monthly colonics for over five years. Now she only needs four to five hours of sleep. Don’t you want to wake up totally rested after a few hours and have more time during the day to enjoy your life? I do! According to her, the average person has at least ten pounds of excess toxins in their colon, which prevents the complete digestion and absorption of the food we eat. What happens most of the time is that we may feel full after we eat, but we are not getting the energy and necessary vitamins and minerals out of our food. This is one of the main reasons that some people feel chronically fatigued. The therapist also told me that it may take up to ten colonics to totally clean a person’s colon, depending on how much the person weights. As a by-product of colon cleansing, most people loose pounds of access weight.

The Optimum Health Institute began as a way for individuals to learn “God-centered mental techniques for healing the whole person.” It has been around for over three decades yet many people have never heard about it before. OHI does not do any marketing or advertising. Individuals come to their facility mainly through word of mouth. At the end of the 3-weeks long program, my wife and I were buzzing with energy and joy. I believe that this is the natural human condition that we all can experience on an on-going basis. Happiness can come from life itself without any outside source for its cause—if we only make room for it to come in.

It amazes me that most of us take better care of our vehicles than our physical bodies. We know that if we do not change the oil and do not perform regular maintenance on our car, the engine will burn out sooner or later. The human body, which is a much more complicated system than a car, requires even greater levels of maintenance. Health consciousness is one of my core values and I have been exploring many different kinds of alternative health systems and programs throughout my life. Without a doubt, the OHI program is one of the best. It produces miraculous, real-world results.

I am a big believer of maintaining crystal clarity coupled with unshakable certainty to live an impeccable life. This way of being requires constant effort in getting rid of clutter in order to bring oneself into a higher order on all levels: body, mind, and spirit. Needless to say, without sound health and abundance of energy, realizing one’s destiny is only a dream. Prevention is the key. It is possible to avert the danger which has not yet come. My wife and I can’t wait to go back to OHI.

For more information, visit Koray Ozturk is an Inner Conflict Resolution. He assists individuals to see their own greatness and live with honor as a result of resolving their inner conflicts with themselves and the world. Contact him at