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Nearly Normal Cooking for Gluten-Free Eating

Jules E. D. Shepard | BookSurge Publishing

Celiac disease, a lifelong autoimmune intestinal disorder, is an ailment that affects an estimated 1 in 133 people. Individuals with celiac disease, or gluten intolerance, cannot process proteins found in wheat and grains such as rye, couscous, barley, and triticale. While the side effects--bloating, constipation, damage to the small intestine, fatigue, early onset osteoporosis and more--are uncomfortable enough that celiac sufferers learn early on to avoid any foods containing gluten, it can be a difficult diet to adhere to. When avid cook Jules E. D. Shepard was diagnosed with celiac disease in the å90s, she had a difficult time transitioning from a diet of pizza, bagels and baked goods to a healthy but also satisfying gluten-free diet. After testing and rejecting many bland recipes, experimenting with flours and grains, Nearly Normal Cooking for Gluten-Free Eating is her answer to providing tantalizing gluten-free recipes. Typically, gluten-free foods use rice flour, which can be less than appealing in taste and texture, especially when trying to cook one meal for both celiac and non-celiac eaters. In addition to more than 150 pages of recipes for salads and soups, main courses, breads and desserts, Shepard has also created her own alternative to gluten-free flours on the market, that tastes "normal" so no one has to know they're eating gluten-free foods. Cranberry-Pineapple Salad, Sweet Mustard Shrimp, Lemonate Pie--gluten-free gustatory delight awaits you. To learn more or order copies, go to -JD

Restoring Your Eyesight: A Taoist Approach

Doug Marsh | Inner Traditions

A century ago eye doctor William Bates revolutionized many of the accepted theories on eyesight and corrective lenses, most notably that vision is a constant that will progressively deteriorate through time--an irreversible and inevitable effect of aging. Since then, the Bates method and other Natural Vision Improvement (NVI) techniques have been helping people "relearn" how to see and better understand their individual vision needs. Based largely on the notion that vision is a fluctuating entity dependent on factors such as stress, lighting and distance, it seems logical that prescribing a fixed lens strength for all occasions can strain and harm the eyes more than help them. Author Doug Marsh experienced eye issues since the age of 4, becoming frustrated with many of the accepted theories Bates worked to disprove. After years of research and exercises, Marsh has been able to improve his own eyesight, combining aspects of the Bates method with Taoism--a fitting pair as each teach a way of living in balance and harmony with nature. Using key points of Taoist philosophy--rhythm, softness, return, balance and wholeness--Restoring Your Eyesight helps readers better understand how the eyes are strained and affected by aspects of modern urban life, such as sedentary and demanding school systems, strain from long work hours and lack of rest for the constantly bombarded eyes. An excellent and highly recommended read for anyone frustrated with their increasing dependence on corrective lenses or who wishes to take control of their vision health. To order copies, go to or call 800/246-8648. -JD


Love Eternal | OmMamaOm Productions

"Peaceful" is one of those songs I played over and over again as it brought me not only a sense of peace but also unrelenting joy. Jahred NamastÈ has once again scored in his third album entitled Forgiveness, which is a melodic arrangement of positive upbeat reggae that seems to invite one to head to the beach or mountains and experience the oneness that surrounds and unites us all. Love Eternal is an exceptional mix of musicians whose message is one of finding truth through love offered in a devotional reggae style that is seductive in its beat and profound in their powerful lyrics. A musical prayer affirming the beauty found by living in truth with our family, friends and respect for all sentient beings. Love External's rhythmic reggae style is an everyday pleasure. Their message is simple: "Love Eternal is a collective of musicians dedicated to music as ministry. We see the power of sound vibration and lyrical content, and choose to use it to uplift and heal. We believe that what you focus on grows, therefore our music and message is positive and affirmative of what we want to see. We honor all paths, teachings, and traditions that encourage Oneness with the Divine, each other, and the Planet." For more information or to order copies visit, or contact -SLM